What Are the Possible Consequences of a Love Binding Spell

A love binding spell can be a powerful tool when looking to bind another soul to your own, however, all spells come with side effects.

The side effects of a love binding spell can affect any who are involved in the spell itself. The consequences that are experienced by the caster, the witch doing the casting if the caster hires another witch to do their spell, and the target individual can all be uncomfortable, if not detrimental to the spell and the lives involved. A love binding spell has the intention of bringing two people closer together, if the two people are both willing parties to the spell, side effects and consequences are usually mild, or nonexistent. The outcome is usually a favorable one for both people as they are willingly stripping their will to the caster. However, if the spell is performed incorrectly, or the target individual is of string will, side effects can be present and detrimental to both the caster and the target individual.

Consequences of a Love Binding Spell to the Target Individual

When a target individual is an unknowing recipient of a love binding spell, the subconscious may act to protect itself from the forces projected onto it. A binding spell of any kind stips the target individual of will, enabling the caster to bend the target individual to their own will or desires. If the target individual is of strong mental fortitude, the spell can have uncomfortable and disastrous consequences. This can also be true of a binding spell that is cast by an untrained or novice witch. Side effects that the target person may experience are:

  • Nervous stress/anxiety
  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Aggression
  • Despondency
  • Illness/disease

All of these are emotional projections of an internal fight of will. While the target individual is unlikely to attribute these to a binding spell that has been cast over them, the subconscious knows that something isn’t quite right and personal protective mechanisms will engage. When the emotional and subconscious protective mechanisms are engaged, this can lower the immune system of the target individual- also making them susceptible to illness and disease. If the binding spell is performed incorrectly or ineffectively, than these symptoms may stick around, becoming a curse instead of a binding spell. If the target individual is of strong will, patience and love from the caster during this period of resistance will help mollify these side effects.

Consequences of a Love Binding Spell to the Caster

These side effects can apply to anyone who casts the spell themselves. Should you, for the better, hire a witch of high regard to assist in the casting of a binding spell, it is not without risk. Binding spells require a very intimate knowledge of magic and are better left to the professionals who know the risks should the spell be ineffective or incorrectly cast. A love binding spell is essentially a modified curse, and like all curses, can have serious side effects.

  • Backlash
  • Wasted energy
  • Negative energy impact

While it’s unlikely for a witch who is powerful and knowledgeable with magic to experience any of these side effects, they can still happen. Backlash is essentially when bits of the binding spell get reflected back on the witch. If a spell is improperly cast, or the target individual is prepared and strong enough to deflect the binding spell, that energy will get transferred back into the witch if they do not take the proper care to cast appropriate protection spells prior to performing a binding spell. If a witch has any weaknesses, such as low energy or illness, those weaknesses will be compounded. Wasted energy is pretty much exactly what it sounds. If the spell doesn’t take, or isn’t strong enough to permeate, the witch has lost an enormous amount of energy on it. Most witches know well enough to charge their energy stores appropriately and perform daily exercises to keep their energy levels and spiritual connections strong. Negative energy impact is similar to backlash, but more lasting. Essentially the binding spell is totally reversed onto the witch that cast it, which can sap energy stores, increase illness, or bind themselves to the client. This is incredibly rare and only happens when the binding spell has been performed incorrectly.

Consequences of a Love Binding Spell to the Client

Should the caster seek assistance from another witch, it does not wash their hands of risks associated with a binding spell. While the risks of the client are far fewer, they are no less uncomfortable should they happen.

  • Backlash
  • Reversal

The backlash that can affect the caster, can also affect the client in the same way. Should the spell be performed incorrectly or ineffectively, the client could expect negative energy. An experienced witch should also cast protection spells for the client prior to casting any binding spells for them, which will help avoid backlash for both the client and the caster. Sometimes the witch will ask for additional compensation for these spells, don’t be frustrated by this, as they are now performing three different and complicated spells that require a huge amount of energy. Reversal occurs is the target individual finds out about the binding spell and looks to break it. Generally these spells will be totally reversed onto whomever spoke the desire in the first place – this means that should you be found out, your binding spell could be thrown back onto you as a curse once it is broken. Protective spells are an excellent choice here and depending on the practitioner you use, will needed to be reapplied once every 2-7 years, that the binding spell is working.

In short, if you take your time, or employ the powers of a well-respected witch, the side effects of any binding spell should be few if any. If you do find yourself in a position where you or your target individual are experiencing unwanted or unplanned side effects, seek the guidance of a professional to help reduce their negative effects.

Handy Ways to Tell Your Partner You Still Love Them

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it can be easy to forget that you need to continuously invest time to remind your partner that you still love them and that familiarity hasn’t taken a negative toll in your relationship. There are moments where a man may want to show that he loves his lady by paying for a service such as Handy so that she can return home with a clean toilet and kitchen counters and dinner presented on the table by candlelight. Bringing back the romance is a beautiful method to salvage a long-term relationship that needs some nudge towards re-kindling.


All relationships, from family ties to friendships, take work. Sure, sometimes you can go a few months without talking or seeing a friend and when you get together it’ll be like old times. However, when it’s someone who is your spouse or partner, the amount of involvement and effort needs to be continuous. Here are some handy tips—from the professionals who have seen it all—to remind your significant other that you love them.


  1. Ask them how they are really doing. “Good” shouldn’t be the answer here. Your aim is to get at the core of what they’re feeling, and what challenges they may going through at work or in their other relationships. When you ask this question, don’t take these generic answers as an affirmative response. Ask for the real answer.
  2. Simply stating that “You matter to me a lot” when you and your significant other may feel like passing ships in the night can make the world of a difference in harbouring more love and trust in your relationship. With kids, work and family troubles, it can be easy to feel like everything else in your life matters more than your partner. This shouldn’t be the case, quality time between the two of you is critical for a healthy marriage.
  3. When you open up a conversation with your partner over dinner or the phone while at the groceries, ask them to tell you more. This shows that you aren’t passively listening to what they’re saying but that you intend to learn more about the topic at hand. Expressing your sincere, genuine intent to know the details of your partner’s troubles or successes shows how invested you are in the relationship.


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