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You have armed yourself with courage. You have done what you wanted so much: to hire anescort in Bilbao with whom to enjoy a few hours of authentic sexual madness. So far everything is perfect, but what happens next? What happens when you come face to face with the chosen escort?

Whether it is “your first time” hiring this service or if you are a repeater, here they give you the keys so that you know how to behave in that appointment so that you both have a great time, from the beginning to the end.

In your teenage dreams there was always a fantasy that hovered in your head:

Hiring escorts in Bilbao to learn about the best teachers the art of pleasure. Maybe, that sexual desire has materialized on more than one occasion and, although the final result was worth it, who says it cannot be improved?

When you pick up the phone to meet a whore in your house or hotel, you can go to the meeting, have a quick fuck and leave without more. Now that the Escort prices are variable you will need to have a proper idea regarding the same and that also within the budget that you have. The essential deals are right there and you will need to bring the best of it. This is the essential opportunity that you will need to have.

But, what if you choose to live an apotheosal life experience?

If you choose this second option, both you and the escort will live the pleasure of each moment. More than a date, that will be sex with capital letters!

Follow these recommendations and you will fulfill your wishes in bed. In addition, you will respond with a note to the expectations of the most sexual and erotic couple you have had near you. You will improve your sexual performance but, above all, you will discover sex lessons unknown until now for you.

Think about what you’re looking for with that appointment

  • When hiring aescort, surely you have thought about the desire that has led you to arrange that appointment. It is clear that sex is the main reason, but it is possible that there are other motivations to make that decision.
  • From checking if Latin women are more ardent, to venture into unexplored sexual terrains such as pegging, make a threesome or pass bondage sex with someone with experience to which this proposal, far from frightening, you love.
  • Having very clear what you want, it will be easier for the escort to hit that appointment exceeding your expectations for high that may seem at first.

Communication and more communication

As sex professionals, they confess that communication is the best ally to have a great time in bed or in the place that you most want.

If you are able to share your wishes from the beginning with the whore in Bilbao you have hired, she will know how to guide the evening and will even surprise you.Otherwise, it will be downright difficult because humans still do not communicate by telepathy. Also, remember that the communication should be done during the entire appointment. They explain. The escorts know how to fuck like nobody else, but they like to whisper in your ear what you like and how you are enjoying each moment.If you stay with us, you will see how they will tell you what they want you to do to them and you will know at all times that you are putting them at 1000 per hour.

Take care of your bed partner and respect!

  • You paid to hire anescort and they will make your wishes come true. But leave aside the orders, the bad manners and the lack of respect.
  • We also want to have fun. Far from being mere objects to calm your desire, they are women of flesh and bone with body and soul to enjoy sex to the fullest extent of the word.
  • It is not a powder for us. It is a new experience.
  • As they will take care of every moment of this appointment so that you get the best taste, they ask you to do the same.

Make yourself feel special and you will get them crazy in your arms.

Do you like this proposition?

Little by little, enjoying every moment

  • Leave the «express» mode for other occasions and bet on savoring every moment. If you go fast and running in bed, the moments of excitement will disappear so fast that you will hardly have enjoyed them.
  • On the contrary, if they combine some exciting preliminaries with a good conversation the moment of sexual explosion will be barbaric. You will feel like you merge with your escort partner!
  • Beyond action with predictable beginning and end, you will live an experience dominated by magic and pleasure of black leg.

Open your mind. Do not close yourself to anything

At the beginning of your meeting you were very clear about what you were looking for in that meeting and you have even communicated it to your partner. But, when the minutes go by and the emotions are on the surface, new elements can come into play that should not be missed.

This initial reluctance to sex with erotic toys, white kiss, or a final creampie become new alternatives. Let yourself go; you are in good hands and together the experience will be from another planet.

Be a good lover until the end

Do you know which customers are captivating us? They hallucinate with those men who decide to hire aescortand are polite, roguish and affectionate throughout the evening.With men like that they love to stay with them for one more night of sex, as companions on a business trip or to enjoy a dinner in good company.Following these tips, you will learn to enjoy double after hiring escorts in Bilbao and surroundings. Now you only have to take the most important step.

10 of the Funniest Things that Have Ever Happened with Prague Escorts

We all love a funny and embarrassing sex story, and we probably all have one. But for Prague Escorts- funny sex stories are all a part of a day’s work. Here’s ten of the funniest stories we’ve heard.

There are few things that can truly trump the story from one of the world famous Prague escorts. These women have been perfecting their craft for centuries and have the added bonus of their craft being perfectly legal. We chatted with a group of Prague’s superstars to get ten of their juiciest- and most hilarious- sex stories of all time.


“ I have this client that insists on wearing a cockring. He swears it trains his penis to be bigger…. I thought it was weird, but I’m not a doctor so I went with it. I was going down on him and we were both really getting into it when I accidentally pulled the cock ring off with my mouth and started choking on it. I thought to myself and this is how I die. I could see the headline ‘Prague escorts choked to death- by cock ring’ I thought that was so funny that I started laughing hysterically and hacked it back up at the same time. Needless to say that client was not a repeat customer”


“Sure, Prague escorts see a bunch of clients, but I think my favorite one must have had a director fetish or something. He would just give me scenes to act out. Never anything sexy or dirty. He wouldn’t masturbabte and I had to wear ‘appropriate dress’ for whatever role I was playing. He just sat there and shouted the most mundane things to me while holding up his hands like they were a screen frame ‘Yawn and look at your watch’, ‘stumble on the third step’…. I’m not sure exactly what he got out of it, but the money was great!”


“I’ve seen a ton of different sex play requests over the years, but there was this one guy who had sworn to me he had never used Prague escorts before, and I couldn’t figure out why he would. He was a young executive type, rich and surprisingly handsome. He was a little shy, but nothing debilitating. At our third appointment he brought a saddle and one of those huge rubber horse head masks. He wanted me to ride him around my apartment in my panties while ‘whooping like a cowboy’. I laughed so hard I thought he was going to leave, but bless him, he stayed and we had the most fun ever! To our next date I brought little cap guns and we had a shootout in the gully!”


“I had just started working for Prague escorts and this guy was one of my first clients ever. He was a little bit older, but really reeeaaaally sweet. He couldn’t seem to get laid because every time he got nervous he let out the loudest, most noxious farts ever! It took everything I had in me to pretend that not only did I not care that the hotel room smelled like a garbage dump, but that I was actually turned on my his ass fiddle antics.”


“When I had a client request that we play ‘doctor’ at our first appointment, I wasn’t really put off by it as this is something that all Prague escorts are familiar with. What I wasn’t ready for was when he showed up in a sexy lady nurse costume, it took me by surprise so I ended up laughing so hard I actually teared up, blatantly in his face. He cancelled the appointment and left without saying anything…”


“I had this one client that had really bad PTSD and required a service dog to be with him at all times. He was also into some super light BDSM. He had just gotten a new animal- the cutest lab I have ever seen in my life. Anyway, he was bent over the bed and ready to receive some little spankings  blindfolded when the dog ran up and started licking his balls and asshole. I started to shoo the animal away, horrified, but he was really into it and was moaning my name! He thought the dog was me. The whole situation was so absurd to me that I had to belly laugh into a pillow. The tip he gave me was HUGE and he left a review talking about my amazing oral skills. That one still cracks me up”


“ I don’t know whether this story is funny, or absolutely disgusting, but I had this one client who would order five Prague escorts at a time, then have us all masturbate with different vegetables all at the same time. He would then cut up all the vegetables and make a salad with them, then make us sit there and watch as he got off eating it….”


“I was doing an in call at a much younger middle eastern kids house, I think he was 19 or something, but he had apparently just gotten off of a skype call with his mother and hadn’t ended the call properly, when I got there I came in and introduced myself ‘Hi Ben, I’m Tiffany with Prague escorts’… Suddenly really angry Indian started to beam out of the computer. Apparently his mom was still on the phone and had overheard my greeting. I had to pretend that I was actually just his girlfriend and the ‘Prague escorts’ thing was just some role play we did…. she was NOT impressed. Needless to say we ‘broke up’. Immediately.”


“I have a few Asian clients that are really into saline injections in their genitals. Essentially, they inject sterile saline just under the skin’s surface and whatever it is they are injecting swells up like a balloon. As long as you’re really clean about it, it’s perfectly safe. I was catering to a middle aged asian couple when the husband asked if I would mind if he used saline. I had no problem with it and gave him and his wife the room. When they asked my to come back in they were both lying on the bed. His ballsack was the size of a globe and her labia looked like some huge plastic flower sculpture. I laughed so hard that I was sure could they have walked, they would have walked right out.”


“So myself and a few fellow Prague escorts were in a bit of a friendly competition to see who could get off the most clients in a week. On day seven I was tied with one of the other girls and my final client was a much older gentleman. I was stoked because I figured it was an easy win, until I figured out that he had popped two viagra and booked me for 5 hours…. I couldn’t walk for a week AND I lost the bet.”

Incentives to consider Portland escorts

Most of us when we are asked to do something out of necessity or simply out of being forced resort to incentives to make us do that particular task. This may apply to one’s job, their personal lives and so on and so forth. Today, we will be looking at some of the incentives for one to consider Portland escorts and we will see how these incentives make up this experience one that must not be forgotten as well.


Escorts and Incentives


When we think of an escort service, we pretty much get an idea of what to expect and everybody is familiar with the whole ordeal. But, although they are familiar with the process, they fail to think of the incentives that would make them want to try it in the first place and that is why Portland escorts must certainly be given a chance. Some of the incentives that they provide are:


  • Quick service at the click of a button; thus no time is wasted
  • Physical needs are met which is quite important as it is an integral part of one’s system
  • Choices of services aren’t limited to one category but a whole lot more

Looking at these reasons mentioned above, we can certainly come to acknowledge that there is so much more to these Portland escorts than one might have a brief idea about. Thus, all they have to do is consider the service and they might get an idea if they truly want it or not. Of course, these services aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but they certainly meet the needs of pretty much every individual out there in the world and that is why it is so important for one to consider the service.


Besides, when one thinks about, not everyone in the world has their physical needs met and this is a big problem. Needs like these most never be pushed away as they can take a toll on someone’s life, both mentally and physically. They tend to subjugate feelings of intense desires and if not met, can bring about conditions which are instrumental to chaos. Hence, if not as the priority, they certainly can be kept as a last resort and thus, they can get to fulfil their needs in the best possible way and this solution is nothing short of that!


The Benefits of Escorts


Now that we have an insight into the services at large, we can come to see the benefits that this service would give. It can be easy to understand that this service will certainly benefit one emotionally and physically and hence, one can lead the way to a happy and healthy life simply by meeting such needs like this one!

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