Handy Ways to Tell Your Partner You Still Love Them

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it can be easy to forget that you need to continuously invest time to remind your partner that you still love them and that familiarity hasn’t taken a negative toll in your relationship. There are moments where a man may want to show that he loves his lady by paying for a service such as Handy so that she can return home with a clean toilet and kitchen counters and dinner presented on the table by candlelight. Bringing back the romance is a beautiful method to salvage a long-term relationship that needs some nudge towards re-kindling.


All relationships, from family ties to friendships, take work. Sure, sometimes you can go a few months without talking or seeing a friend and when you get together it’ll be like old times. However, when it’s someone who is your spouse or partner, the amount of involvement and effort needs to be continuous. Here are some handy tips—from the professionals who have seen it all—to remind your significant other that you love them.


  1. Ask them how they are really doing. “Good” shouldn’t be the answer here. Your aim is to get at the core of what they’re feeling, and what challenges they may going through at work or in their other relationships. When you ask this question, don’t take these generic answers as an affirmative response. Ask for the real answer.
  2. Simply stating that “You matter to me a lot” when you and your significant other may feel like passing ships in the night can make the world of a difference in harbouring more love and trust in your relationship. With kids, work and family troubles, it can be easy to feel like everything else in your life matters more than your partner. This shouldn’t be the case, quality time between the two of you is critical for a healthy marriage.
  3. When you open up a conversation with your partner over dinner or the phone while at the groceries, ask them to tell you more. This shows that you aren’t passively listening to what they’re saying but that you intend to learn more about the topic at hand. Expressing your sincere, genuine intent to know the details of your partner’s troubles or successes shows how invested you are in the relationship.


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